Project Open Source Prospector is created by the Red Hat Legal Team.

Open Source Prospector is a tool that aggregates data on open source projects. It is designed to provide decision makers with the flexibility to do quick and detailed analyses that are objectively based and reliable.

Project owner: Harish Pillay <hpillay@redhat.com>
Project developer: Chow Loong Jin <lchow@redhat.com>


The Open Source Prospector project would not be possible if not for numerous other projects. Listed below are some notable dependencies which are exceptionally important to the Open Source Prospector.


The programming language in which the Open Source Prospector project is written.


A Python-based web framework loosely based on the MVC pattern. It incorporates a URL dispatcher, an object-relational mapping (ORM) infrastructure, and a templating system for rendering web pages.

The Open Source Prospector project is built around this framework, making extensive use of the ORM for storing and querying data about tracked projects, as well as for serving web pages to the client's web browser.

Additionally, all configuration of the Open Source Prospector project is meant to be done through the default web admnistrative interface provided by Django.


A powerful, open source object-relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows. It is fully ACID compliant, has full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures (in multiple languages). It includes most SQL:2008 data types, including INTEGER, NUMERIC, BOOLEAN, CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE, INTERVAL, and TIMESTAMP. It also supports storage of binary large objects, including pictures, sounds, or video. It has native programming interfaces for C/C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, ODBC, among others, and exceptional documentation.

Grimoire Lab

GrimoireLab is free, open source software for software development analytics. It allows you to retrieve data from many kinds of systems with information related to software development, and produce analysis and visualizations with it.

GrimoireLab supports more than 20 different kinds of data sources, from git reposiories or GitHub projects, to issue trackers such as Jira or Bugzilla, including messaging systems such as IRC, Slack or mailing lists, or other types of systems such as StackOverflow or Jenkins.

With the tools in the GrimoireLab toolset you can retrieve data, store it in databases, analyze it, and produce nice dashboards for interactively visualizing the resulting information.

Prospector uses Perceval, a package part of Grimoire Lab, to fetch data from open source repositories.